Tom Calabrese Speaks at Expo

We are honored to announce another of our keynote speakers for the 2017 DeLorean Expo!   Tom Calabrese.

As both the Sales Manager, and eventual General Manager of Las Vegas Dodge in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tom has decades of experience in the automotive world. In particular, Tom was present for the entire lifespan of LV Dodge as an official DeLorean dealership. From it’s inception with the initial buy-in, until the final days when the company folded. Because of this, Tom was able to witness first hand the experiences a dealership went through with DeLorean Motor Company. Many tales about DMC itself exist from it’s corporate & manufacturing operations, but never before has anyone ever been able to provide the unique perspective of a dealership that sold & warranted the DMC-12.

Tom brings a wealth of knowledge about the franchise experience with the company, as well as the perception of the brand & product they sold. Along with many, many tales and anecdotes about the one-of-a-kind sales & warranty experiences with customers and the DeLorean automobile.