Michael Scheffe to Speak at the 2017 DeLorean Expo

You’re invited to join your friends at the DeLorean Owners Association DeLorean Expo 2017 Las Vegas at the Las Vegas El Cortez Hotel & Casino.

We will have a fabulous guest speaker, Michael Scheffe will be sharing his experiences as the Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine Construction Coordinator. Creativity and ingenuity make Michael Sheffe the ‘Go-To-Man’ for really cool & techy movie props.  Michael Sheffe is widely known for his work on Back to the Future (1985) and other hit movies like Spider-Man (2002) and Starship Troopers (1997).


Click here https://deloreanexpo.deloreanowners.org/  for registration and details…

See you at the 2017 DeLorean Expo!  


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