Ronald Ferguson, President of the DeLorean Owners Association
stands proudly next to his 1981 DMC-12 during the Fireball Run,
raising awareness towards the recovery of missing and exploited
children throughout the US.

On a Mission!


Wings Aloft!

The DeLorean DMC-12 looks gracious
and timeless, no matter where it is parked!


A Worldwide Organization

DeLorean Owners from the United Kingdom
displaying their beautiful cars during one of their
many events in the UK.


Camaraderie and Support

Networking with other owners is a great perk of being
a DeLorean Owner / member. From monthly get-togethers to major events,
owning a DMC-12 brings and educational value and pure enjoyment to
those within our community, and to the general public.


Ownership Enjoyment

The benefits in joining the DeLorean Owners Association
not only will give you the resources and the knowledge to enjoy
your stainless steel car, but to enjoy the company of other
DeLorean owners during events and get-togethers!


Membership has its Perks!

Roland Hoffman, 2nd Vice President
and David Koch, member of the DeLorean Owners Association
meet together during an event in Caliifornia.
Joining the DeLorean Owners Association enhances
the enrichment of meeting other owners throughout
the world.

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The De Lorean Owners Association began in 1983 to bring our De Lorean owners and our enthusiasts together as we dedicate and support the De Lorean DMC-12 sports coupe.  The De Lorean Owners Association supports and assists our members from all around the world towards the ongoing needs to keep up to date towards the support and needs in the preservation of the De Lorean DMC-12.  Our organization produces our quarterly magazine, and keep our members constantly updated through our website, and social media sites.  The De Lorean Owners Association sponsors 2 major events, including Eurofest, a unique event where De Lorean owners, members, and enthusiasts meet in Belfast, Northern Ireland where they have a unique chance to visit the former De Lorean plant, and have the unique opportunity to ride on the famous test track.

Our quarterly magazine, De Lorean World is our official association's publication.  The magazine is sent out to the membership four times per year.  Our magazine includes technical articles, new products, and stories from owners throughout the world.

Owning a De Lorean DMC-12 is not a requirement to join our organization.  We have a great number of members that are enthusiastic about the DMC-12!   Supporting the club is a way to gain a unique access to the world of the De Lorean sports coupe. This access includes our members only marketplace, members classified ads, exclusive on-line store, and club know-how to keep the De Lorean DMC-12 sports coupe on the road. If you are not a member,

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